CPS®NEW ENERGY - solutions for the renewable energy generation industry

As a partner for professional C-Parts management systems we sell more than just screws - we act as a pacemaker in the field of renewable energies by optimizing processes through meaningful modular solutions.

Industrial companies specialising in alternative energy production (solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity, biomass) place particular demands on their partners in relation to supply of C-Parts. The focus is on more than just product quality and certifications: consultancy services, standardisation and global supply process reliability in production or on site are additional challenges.

CPS®NEW ENERGY - Renewable energy Kanban

Our "Renewable Energies" division employs experts exclusively to provide exactly this kind of support to companies in these industries.

We support your business through our advice on design and development applications. This includes not only planning and sourcing suitable fasteners, but also advising your customers with regard to on-site installation of wind turbines.

Our international network offers security of supply and standardised system delivery to your sites worldwide. We can guarantee specific logistics processes and individual care worldwide through our group of companies. Your needs are coordinated centrally by our "Renewable Energies" team.

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