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Modular plant equipment, flexible attachment systems and rigid foam inserts combined with fully automated replenishment management systems will help you create the most effective and clearly laid-out design for your workstation.

Range of Bins
E-KLT®CLIP bin clip
CLIP-O-FLEX® attachment system
OPT-I-STORE® rigid foam inserts
Machinery and equipment

Creating “lean” processes is becoming a central aspect in the manufacturing industry. Important are the different requirements for each single workplace and its clearness. Generally speaking this can be summarized as the so called 5S-rules. The workplace and its surroundings will be categorized into the aspects of selection, sorting, cleaning, standardizing and self-discipline.

Our perfectly matched solutions allow flexible, ergonomic, individual integration of your storage spaces, workplaces, assembly stations and vehicles into your value chain.

We deliver your C-Parts right to the point. We do not only supply you just-in-time, but just-at-place too. Where you need us.

Take advantage of our innovative ideas to save time and space, and reduce routes.

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