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Standard Fasteners

Fasteners – our roots and our passion

Würth started as a two-man operation and has grown into the world’s largest supplier of fasteners. We are able to offer a wide range of products that meet international standards and customized specifications. Our core competency has always been the supply and distribution of assembly components. While we've expanded to include special and engineered fasteners, our product line still consists of a multitude of standards.

Verbindungselemente Verbindungstechnik Befestigungselemente Verbindungselemente

Tapping, thread rolling, drilling screws


  • Tapping screws
  • Drilling screws
  • Thread rolling screw
  • Thread cutting screws
  • Screws for thermoplastics

Screws metric/inch


  • Eye bolts
  • Truss head screws
  • Wing screws
  • Thread inserts
  • Set screws
  • Combined screws
  • Close-tolerance bolts
  • Ring bolts
  • Knurled screws
  • Screws, flat head
  • Screws, half round head
  • Screws, pan head
  • Screws, raised countersunk head´
  • Screws, hexagon head
  • Screws, countersunk head
  • Screws, serrated flange
  • Screws, square head
  • Screws, cylinder head
  • Studs
  • Sealing plugs
Hexagon nuts Cap nuts Square nuts
  • Tear-off nuts
  • Weld-on nuts
  • Drive-in nuts
  • Wing nuts
  • Cap nuts
  • Sleeve nuts
  • Box nuts
  • Wedge lock nuts
  • Castellated nuts
  • Slotted round nuts
  • Rin nuts
  • Round nuts
  • Knurled nuts
  • Slotted nuts
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Flanged with washers
  • Nuts insert press
  • Ripp nuts
  • Square nuts
Conical washers Countersunk washers
  • Spacers
  • Washers for fittings
  • Rubber/plastic washers
  • Conical washers
  • Shim rings/supporting disks
  • Washers, flat
  • Countersunk washers/rosettes
  • Sealing washers
  • Square washers
Blind rivet
  • Blind rivets
  • Rivet nuts
  • Blind rivet bolts
  • Hollow rivets
  • Screw rivets
  • Solid rivets
Pins/Machine elements general
Springs Pins
  • Springs
  • Fork/angle joints
  • Handles
  • Tapered pins
  • Grooved pins
  • Tapered fitting keys, pins
  • Oiling nipples
  • Clamping pins/clamping sleeves
  • Adjusting rings
  • Cup springs
  • Cylindrical pins
Sockets/Threaded rods
Threaded pieces
  • Threaded rods, pieces, plates, sockets

Here you can find our range of fasteners with imperial threads.

Besides you can find additional technical information of fasteners and fixings at our technology platform.

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