Pre-mounted assemblies CPS®ASSEMBLY

Our CPS®ASSEMBLY solution allows you to purchase pre-mounted assemblies directly from us as part of our C-Parts management system. Proven quality from specialist partners guarantees maximum safety for your process.

Integrate it in your C-Parts management to optimize your production process. Our activities focus in particular on the following aspects of process optimization, tailored individually to your exact requirements:

  • Core process
    Focus your capacity and resources on your core process by mapping peripheral processes via CPS®ASSEMBLY.
  • Adding value
    Increase the value added by your production by concentrating on processes with high added value and replacing upstream processes with fully mounted assemblies.
  • Logistics costs
    Take advantage of the experience of Wurth Industry of Canada wherever your main process costs are caused by C-Parts logistics. Integrate your individual assemblies as required by using the various CPS® supply solutions in your production.
Comprehensive solutions

Assemblies as system solution


Our C-Parts Solutions (CPS®) for your production related parts are based on various modules. These supply systems depend on your specific needs and on the degree of automation and can manage as well your pre-mounted assemblies.

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