iBin® - the first intelligent bin

iBin - First intelligent Kanban bin

Wurth Industry of Canada is the first C-Parts supplier (in Canada) to introduce an optical ordering system that will revolutionize materials management for a long time to come. The quantity, number and ordering information for the item can be obtained at bin level via the built-in camera; this is then transmitted to the ERP system automatically.

Therefore, not only is it possible to ensure just-in-time delivery of small parts needed for production on a requirement-driven basis, but C-Parts can be supplied in real time using an image format.

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Technic of iBin

Technical information to iBin®

Compatibility of the iBin®

Compatibility of the iBin®

iBin® - Autarkical and independent system

iBin® - Autarkical and independent system

Benefits of iBin®

Stocks in focus

RFID Benefits
  • Less rack and floor space required in your production facility
  • Individual, accurate planning close to the point of use allows optimal warehouse utilisation and further reduces stock levels with less capital commitment
  • Seamless and easy integration into your existing systems
  • Wireless system: simple start-up without changing your processes or converting your rack systems and infrastructure
  • Fully transparent consumption patterns through continuous inventory transfer
  • Maximum transparency of your bin content
  • Regular visual inspection via counting function
  • Automated order triggering
  • Accurate triggering for C-Parts replenishment a defined residual quantity is reached
  • Integrated compartment in all existing bins ensures that storage location and bin size can be changed
  • Fully automated inventory count at any time at the touch of a button
  • Monitoring of A/B-parts, handling of non-original parts and integration with other suppliers possible
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