RFID-based Kanban: CPS®RFID technology for maximum supply security

Faster, more transparent, more secure — Radio Frequency IDentification, or RFID for short, is a firmly established system for managing the replenishment of production material in manufacturing industries and is a key building block within an efficient value chain. As a C-Parts system partner, we have made use of this technology within industrial KANBAN systems for lean inventory management, automated mapping of repeat orders and identification of fluctuations in demand at an early stage. The systems from the CPS®RFID family therefore enable even higher supply security than with traditional Kanban processing.

CPS®RFID stands for...

  • C-Parts solutions with radio frequency identification
  • Radio transmission of the item and bin data directly from the customer's production facility to the central Wurth Industry of Canada warehouse
  • Early recognition of demand fluctuations
  • Automated repeat orders without the need for scanning or manual entry
RFID Kanban Tag

The RFID tag at the Kanban bin

We use systems with passive RFID transponders. The RFID tag, a simple data medium, is used as the basis for every data transmission operation and stores all data such as the bin type, item number, description, quantity and batch.

RFID systems

More individuality for your supply security

RFID Kanban

CPS®RFID solutions...


  • with passive RFID transponders: iSHELF®

Benefits of RFID Kanban

Optimize your processes in purchasing, logistics, intralogistics and production!

RFID Benefits
  • Extremely precise control of the flow of goods
  • Exchange of information in real time
  • Continuous, simple order and data transfer
  • No need for manual data entry
  • Improved warehouse and inventory management
  • Identification of demand fluctuations and peaks
  • No extra storage space required
  • Fast conversion without changing existing processes
  • No employee training necessary
  • Includes contingency plan
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