RFID-based Kanban systems for your individual C-Parts requirements.


The intelligent shelf

iSHELF - Intelligent shelf

Data is transferred immediately via the intelligent shelf on which the empty bin bearing the RFID tag is positioned.

Multiple racks can be operated by a shelf rack structure. Without any power connection at all.

Benefits: No additional space demand, maximum flexibility by different rack sizes


The intelligent box


Using the intelligent pallet box, data for your C-Parts is transferred immediately via RFID to a separate storage position as soon as an empty bin is placed there.

Benefits: Process integrated and simple data transfer and order transfer, ideal for pallet Kanban

* Upon special request only.


For more than 200 bins (bulk reading)


The RFID-Gate enables the simultaneous data transfer of a multitude of bins.

The Gate is also the right solution for checking incoming and outgoing goods.

* Upon special request only.


Automatic data transfer is triggered by iWEIGHT® if the weight of a bin falls below the predefined minimum level.

Benefits of RFID Kanban

Optimize your processes in purchasing, logistics, intralogistics and production!

RFID Benefits
  • Extremely precise control of the flow of goods
  • Exchange of information in real time
  • Continuous, simple order and data transfer
  • No need for manual data entry
  • Improved warehouse and inventory management
  • Identification of demand fluctuations and peaks
  • No extra storage space required
  • Fast conversion without changing existing processes
  • No employee training necessary
  • Includes contingency plan
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