Kanban bins

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Optimize your warehouse utilization using our innovative and patented bins!

Types of bins

E-KLT® - Würth small load carrier
Würth Kanban bin
  • For a clear overview of C-Parts storage
  • Unobstructed access via front lid without bar
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Streamline your workflow
  • All of the benefits of the W-KLT® with up to 50% less rack and floor space required
  • Safe indicator function
  • Compatible with RFID and iBin technology
  • Available in two sizes, in accordance with the VDA standard (E-KLT® 2115, 3215)
W-KLT®2.0 XS and S - Small-sized bin
Small sized bin

Small-sized, but still clever!


The W-KLT®2.0 XS and S small-sized bin has the least volume compared to the existing E-KLT® - Würth small load carrier.


  • Sectional and stackable in all current bin sizes
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Up to 50% less required space on workstations and impurity of goods
  • Steamline your workflow
  • Unobstructed access via front lid without bar
  • Safe indicator function
W-KLT® - Würth small load carrier
  • For a clear overview of C-Parts storage
  • Indicator function for safety: lid open = bin in use
  • Optimised access through front lid with bar
  • Requires up to 50% less rack and floor space
  • Up to 80% less soiling of the goods
  • Circumferential stacking rim, recessed grips and reinforced floor
  • Available in three sizes, in accordance with the VDA standard (W-KLT® 2115, 3215 and 4315)
R-KLT - Small load carrier
  • Complies with VDA standard 4500
  • Available in three sizes (KLT 2115, 3215 and 4315)
  • For organised storage of bulk goods
Picking container
Picking container
  • For organised storage of bulk goods
  • Available in three sizes

Characteristics of bins

Sustainable bin
Sustainbale bin Sustainable bin Sustainable Bin

E-KLT® - Würth small load carrier is now available as a sustainable bin in all existing sizes.


It is the first sustainable kanban-bin in the market place consisting about 30 percent of the bio-based content S²PC (Sustainable Sunflower Plastic Compound).


Sunflower fibers are the ecological compontent of the granulate to reduce your carbon footprint in the production.


Advantages of the bio-based content S2PC®


  • Superior stability and stiffness
  • Unique optics and haptics
  • No sink marks
  • Compounded of an sustainable byprodukt
  • Bio-based fibers
E-KLT®CLIP - Clip-in profile for bins
  • The clip-in profile for the Würth small load carrier
  • The E-KLT®Clip is the latest product innovation and makes our Kanban bins, the Würth small load carriers, mobile.
  • It is manufactured from tough aluminium and can carry up to 15 kilograms.
  • The 0/15/25° incline angles allow flexible installation of our patented E-KLT® and W-KLT® bins in sizes 2115 and 3215 for an ergonomic fit at any of your workstations.

Bin sizes
These are the sizes of our Würth small load carriers W-KLT®2.0:
Type of binSizeExterior dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
Interior dimensions
L x W (mm)
XS 100x70x60 90x60 0,4
W-KLT®2.0 S140x110x60 100x90 0,9
2115200x150x150 160x120 2,5
E-KLT®2.0 3215 300x200x150 260x170 5,3
E-KLT®2.0 4315 400x300x150 340x270 10
E-KLT®2.0 4115 400x150x150 360x120 5,3
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